These videos are for parents of children who have been seen by a qualified acupuncturist, and who have been given a paediatric tui na routine to perform on their child at home.  Every child will need a different routine, based on a TCM diagnosis.

The videos below are to be used as a guide for how to perform the paediatric tui na routine that I prescribed for your child when you came to the clinic.  You should look at the list of moves I gave you, and then find the relevant video as a guide for how to do it.

Each of the moves should be done for between 1-2 minutes, and they should be done together (i.e in one sequence) once or twice a day.  Please email me if you have any queries or problems.

Most parents find that after a few days, they become familiar with the routine and can do it with relative ease.  They report back that doing the massages on their child provides a great opportunity for them to have a few minutes of one-to-one time together, from which they both benefit.

  1. Spleen (pijing)
  2. Large Intestine (dachangjing) tonification
  3. Large Intestine (dachangjing) sedation
  4. Liver (ganjing)
  5. Heart (xinjing)
  6. Lung (feijing) tonification
  7. Lung (feijing) sedation
  8. Kidney (shenjing)
  9. Small Intestine (xiaochangjing) sedation
  10. Small Intestine (xiaochangjing) tonification
  11. Two Men Upon a Horse (erma)
  12. Bubbling Spring (yongquan)
  13. Rubbing the lower back (shenshu)
  14. Stomach (weijing) sedation
  15. Stomach (weijing) tonification
  16. Middle Cavity (zhongwan)
  17. Knead the navel (rouqi)
  18. Knead the Lower abdomen (rou qihai)
  19. Legs Three Miles (zusanli)
  20. Spinal Column (jizhu)
  21. Seven Bound Bones (qijiegu) tonification
  22. Seven Bound Bones (qijiegu) sedation
  23. Turtle’s Tail (guiwei)
  24. Winnower Gate (jimen) sedation
  25. Winnower Gate (jimen) tonification
  26. Heaven Gate (tianmen)
  27. Water Palace (kangong)
  28. Heart Gate (xinmen)
  29. Palace of Toil (laogong)
  30. Small Heavenly Heart (xiaotianxin)
  31. Milky Way (tianheshui)
  32. Six Yang Organs (liufu)
  33. Outer Palace of Toil (wailaogong)
  34. Wind Nest (yiwofeng)
  35. Three Passes (sanguan)
  36. Celestial Pillar (tianzhugu)
  37. Central Altar (shanzhong)
  38. Breast Sides and Breast oot (rupan and rugen)
  39. Flanks and Ribs (xielei)
  40. Lung Transport (jianjagu)
  41. Thick Gate (banmen)
  42. Four Wind Creases (sifeng)
  43. Abdomen Stimulation (fuyinyang)
  44. Belly Corner (dujiao)
  45. Small Palmar Crease (zhangxiaowen)
  46. Hand Yin Yang (shouyinyang)
  47. Eight Trigrams (bagua)
  48. Two Panels Gate (ershanmen)
  49. Supreme yang (taiyang)
  50. Bees Entering the Cave (huangfeng rudong)
  51. Wind Pond (fengchi)
  52. Big Bone Behind the Ear (erhou gougu)
  53. Fishing for the Moon in the Water (shuidi laoyue)
  54. Five Channels (wu jing)