17 year old girl with anxiety and sensory issues

My Daughter had always been an anxious child and struggled with separation issues as a toddler. Once she reached her teenage years this anxiety spiralled so that by the time she entered 6th form she had extreme social anxiety and sensory issues which ultimately led to a diagnosis of high functioning Aspergers. I was not prepared to put her on medication and we had previously tried acupuncture but due to her sensory issues she would not tolerate needles.

I was recommended Rebecca because she offered no needle acupuncture and my daughter was keen to try treatment. By the time treatment commenced she was hardly in school and had gone from an A grade student to us doubting that she would achieve her dream of going to University.

With Rebecca’s care and sensitive approach my daughter’s anxiety lessened greatly and she even progressed to tolerating needles and has just started a 4 year degree at UCL having obtained the A level results she needed to apply.

The turnaround in my daughter’s mental health has been astonishing. I believe people come into your life for a reason and for my family Rebecca is one of those people. She is a very special person with an incredible gift.

6 year old girl with Anxiety 

Our daughter last year went from being a super confident child to suddenly becoming very anxious. We had to re-locate due to work as a family so she had to move house, school and further away from grandparents.  This completely knocked her confidence and she started to get separation anxiety. It became so bad that Sunday nights she would be physically sick, thinking about having to go to school and leave us. 

Rebecca was recommended to us by friends who I am grateful for as the outcome has been amazing. Even after the first treatment we started to see a difference and how our daughter began to get emotionally stronger.  Now a few treatments on we have our confident little girl back who runs into school without looking back. Rebecca is amazing with the children, she puts them at ease and listens to them, giving them time to open up to her and feel confident in her. As a family Rebecca is highly recommended and we are so grateful we found her.

14 year old boy with dyslexia

Rebecca has helped me and my family more than I can say. My son was really struggling with his emotions, his feelings of frustration and low self esteem. After just a few sessions  transformation could be seen in every aspect.  This had a direct and positive impact on our whole family.

As a teenager who struggled with learning he needed so much support and finding Rebecca was literally the best thing we ever did. Now at 15 he can articulate his own physical body awareness and emotions, it has balanced his moods and his whole approach to life just says ‘happiness’ – it shines from his eyes.

I couldn’t recommend Rebecca enough to do her justice.

11 year old boy with insomnia and anxiety

Rebecca was recommended to me by my own acupuncturist as one of my son’s was having difficulties sleeping and finding everything a bit ‘too much’.  He was very sensitive to change and wasn’t confident at all. The insomnia started when he was about 6 years old and took a turn for the worse when he was 10 years old. He spent many a night either crying because he was scared or thinking of others in need that he couldn’t help.  I got to the point where I was considering taking him to the doctors as it was all getting a bit too much.

After our first appointment my son expressed his fears and I could tell he felt instantly relaxed in Rebecca’s care.  He now sleeps well every night and has progressed amazingly under Rebecca’s care.  He loves going to see her, and for me to see the difference in him is truly magical.

Rebecca is absolutely amazing and I would recommend anyone to take their children to be treated by her. I now have all my sons treated by her.

10 year old boy with bedwetting

My son had always wet his bed several times a week when I brought him to see Rebecca. He was beginning to become anxious about his school residential and how he would cope with that. Rebecca was reassuring and adapted her treatment depending on how my son was feeling each week, and whether or not he wanted to be needled. Rebecca was sensitive to his feelings in what was an emotional subject for him. We were delighted that there was a quick and dramatic change and he has been dry at night ever since.

11 year old girl with chronic cough and asthma

My 11-year-old has dealt with respiratory issues since she was 18 months old and, following recommendations and research, we visited the Panda Clinic. Our practitioner, Rebecca immediately put both my daughter and myself at ease and by the second visit had convinced my understandably nervous child to try a couple of needles. Over the course of treatment we were given a lot of useful information about dietary modifications and other practical approaches to my daughter’s condition. Her symptoms have receded and will hopefully remain so – Rebecca was great at deciding not just when the symptoms had abated, but when the body was ready to take over its own maintenance. Overall, watching my daughter grow in her healthiness, her connection to her own well being and her trust of Rebecca has been wonderful to witness.

9 year old boy with cerebral palsy

My 9 year old son has been seeing Rebecca for the last 10 months.  Rebecca has a wonderful way with children, she listens completely, and always gives my son the time to tell his story his way.  He didn’t like the sensation of the first needle and Rebecca has been respectful of this and used alternative methods to treat him.  He is fully relaxed in the treatment room as he trusts her implicitly.  Her advice to us, as a family, has been invaluable.

We have noticed steady progress throughout the course of treatment.  He has cerebral palsy which used to cause him frequent tumblings, but now he is much more steady.  He is small for his age, but now appears to be going through a growth spurt.  He was struggling with sleep and energy levels but now he sleeps soundly with increased energy which is helping him get much stronger.

He started a new school this term and is making new friends and trying new activities with confidence.  Thanks to Rebecca my son is blossoming, and she’s holding my hand too.

4 year old girl with hyper-sensitive skin

My four year old daughter was struggling with the texture and feel of clothing next to her skin. Getting dressed could take anything up to two hours and caused her great distress as every item ‘didn’t feel right’ she would scream as items touched her skin and try to rip them off. This is completely out of character to the placid, fun loving girl that she is.

A friend recommended the Panda clinic and it has made the most amazing difference to us all. My daughter enjoyed the sessions with Rebecca and the relaxed setting was lovely. After only a couple of months of treatment she is now able to wear any clothes she wants, gets herself dressed independently and is proud to show us her outfit. This is a far cry from mornings of the past. I am so grateful that we saw Rebecca and would not hesitate to recommend her.

4 year old boy with glue ear and chronic cough

My 4 year old son, Rowan, has been having acupuncture regularly with Rebecca for just over a year and we both love his sessions with her!

Thanks to the acupuncture and some simple dietary and lifestyle advice from Rebecca, Rowan has avoided having to have surgery for grommets and the removal of his adenoids. Where once a cold would turn into months of snot, coughs and terrible hearing it feels like Rowan’s experience is more ‘normal’ and that dreaded snot doesn’t last!

It’s been quite a long journey, but right from the start I noticed subtle changes to Rowan’s health and also his behaviour . During a session with Rebecca it has been lovely to see him really open up in the safe, nurturing, Rowan centred space that she creates. Somewhere that’s just for him to shine bright!

Thanks to Rebecca we’ve avoided surgery and Rowan has had a wonderful experience along the way.

13 year old boy with severe eczema and asthma

My son had been suffering from severe eczema and asthma since he was 6 months old.  He had relied on steroid medication and his condition needed a lot of management.  I was recommended by a friend to take him to Rebecca to see if acupuncture could help.

As we went through the history of my son’s health, Rebecca listened very carefully and made extensive notes about his physical and emotional health.  As both an experienced acupuncturist and a mother, Rebecca is compassionate and she had an insight and understanding into the unique circumstances of my son’s health.  She takes care of her patients as if they are family members.

At the start, both my son and I felt a little afraid of seeing the needles.  Amazingly, as soon as the three needles had been inserted without any pain, my son fell asleep.  For me, it was like magic and I couldn’t believe my eyes!  He slept peacefully for twenty minutes until we woke him.

Acupuncture works gradually but we feel it began to have a positive effect very early on.  My son’s reliance on steroid medication has hugely reduced.  The eczema on his face has almost entirely disappeared.  He sleeps much more soundly and is generally thriving.  This has all happened just as he made the transition from primary to secondary school.  Usually, something stressful like that would have exacerbated his symptoms but they have actually improved enormously.

11 year old girl with chronic fatigue syndrome

My 11-year-old daughter came to the Panda Clinic in the depths of M.E. She was failing to thrive, suffering from headaches and brain fog and terribly sound sensitive. She could no longer go to school because she was too weak, and on some days she could not get out of bed. We had tried many other treatments, both alternative and orthodox, nothing helped for long.

Rebecca’s careful, precise, sensitive diagnosis and treatment started to work gradually right away. My daughter’s strength and her clarity of mind began to return for longer periods. The difference after each session was clear, and it stayed. Rebecca treated my daughter on a deeper level than any other doctor. Furthermore, Rebecca’s kindness and ability to listen intently meant that our family felt properly heard for the first time by any medical professional — and we had seen many. This meant we could tackle the illness as a team.The cure did not happen overnight. It never will with M.E. It takes consistent commitment from everyone. But my daughter is well again now thanks to Rebecca, and that feels like a miracle.

6 month old baby with severe vomiting

I brought my son to see Rebecca when at 6 months old he was still vomiting constantly between feeds. I had sought help from the NHS but did not want to go down a drug treatment route as I felt uneasy about putting my son’s already weak digestive system under more strain. Jackson would vomit his milk and food constantly and although I had weaned him onto solids at 17 weeks it had not made any difference. This was a stressful period when Jackson would often be upset and uncomfortable, his eyes would go red and water and he sought to comfort himself by over-eating which resulted in a vicious and exhausting cycle of feeding and vomiting.

Rebecca was very reassuring, listened carefully to what I had to say about Jackson’s condition and she treated him gently with moxa and a few needles which never seemed to bother Jackson very much. Jackson improved quite quickly under Rebecca’s care and she was also able to provide great dietary advice for Jackson’s reflux which I found helpful and reassuring. A combination of the feeding advice given by Rebecca and the acupuncture treatment given to him saw him go from vomiting at least 20 times a day to only a couple of times first thing in the morning. Jackson became a happier baby, seemed less uncomfortable and even became more sociable during this time. We saw Rebecca for about 2 months in total and I would happily recommend her services. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring Jackson back again if I had any further concerns about his health. He is now a robust 1 year old with a hearty appetite and he is able to eat most foods without any digestive problems.

8 year old girl bedwetting every night

On recommendation from another parent, I contacted Rebecca to treat my 8 year old daughter who was bedwetting several times every night.  Rebecca made us both feel very welcome, addressing questions to each of us, including us both in the process, explaining how things work and seeking our thoughts before any treatment. The unveiling of the different Chinese medicine techniques was gradual. My daughter loved being part of the process and discovering the treatment techniques, she really liked Rebecca’s kind and considerate approach and she really liked cuddling the soft toy pandas. Rebecca predicted results would not be instantaneous and that some simple lifestyle changes would also benefit. We first contacted Rebecca in October and by Christmas my daughter was dry at night and a more mature 8 year old; and probably a more-open minded one too.”

5 year old girl with severe food allergies

 Rebecca provides unbelievably kind, professional and effective care.

By the time we explored acupuncture as a treatment, our daughter had undergone three years of ill-health, with ever more extreme and invasive conventional medical treatments, and had only just received a formal diagnosis. I wish we had sought Rebecca out sooner.

Rebecca has worked with us gently and compassionately to improve our daughter’s health, always working alongside, and respectful of, the conventional medical input that we still receive.She warned us that it might be a long road, but in fact most of our daughter’s symptoms have already been vastly improved. I could not believe the difference even after our first session – our daughter went in extremely agitated and with really severe insomnia (among other symptoms!), and came out calm and able to sleep. Since then, many other symptoms have also improved hugely in response to acupressure.

I feel very lucky to have found a practitioner who really listens to our experiences and understands their impact on the whole family. And, most importantly, my daughter has a space where she is treated with huge sensitivity and respect, and has been helped back to health.

Our daughter sums it up best – this is straight from her; “Rebecca is really kind; I look forward to seeing her, and she’s made me feel better and happy.”

7 year old boy with asthma and dust allergy

My son had had a chronic dry cough for the past 3-4 years, mostly at night. He was very vulnerable to catching colds that would make him severely ill and affect his breathing. He had been diagnosed with a dust allergy and asthma, and about two years ago put on steroid inhalers. I had explored other alternative medicines before with no success. I had hoped that the inhalers were a temporary measure and we had tried to reduce them and take him off them, but the cough would always return and wake him at night.

Both Rebecca and Andy saw my son. They took all of his fears away by giving him time to explore acupressure first and then explained the acupuncture technique to him in great detail, always checking with him whether or not the needles were hurting. He was treated with care, respect and patience. After only the second session, my son’s cough had stopped, and after the third session we took him off the inhaler and haven’t used it since. Remarkably, my son’s sleep and appetite have also improved.

3 year old girl with recurrent urinary tract infections

I came to see Rebecca with my three year old daughter who was suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections and was getting infections every 4 weeks. At this time we were also under the care of our local hospital. Urinary tract infections in a child of such a young age can be serious and lead to lasting damage, which as a family we were concerned about.  We were also worried with the potential effects of taking repeat antibiotics. After initial treatments my daughter’s infections reduced in frequency and severity, there was 4 months between her next infection, then 6 months, then a year. During the time she has been treated by Rebecca my daughter has not taken antibiotics. The hospital have also now reduced our appointments. Initially we were visiting the local hospital every 3 months, this then reduced to every 6 months and now yearly as my daughter’s condition has improved.

Rebecca was very caring. She has a kind and gentle manner which puts children at ease quickly.  She was also sensitive to my anxieties concerning my daughter’s health.  Initially my daughter was treated with massage and acupressure and as she got older with very fine needles. This has never bothered her and she has on occasion fallen to sleep during her treatment. She enjoys and looks forward to her appointments with Rebecca.

4 year old boy with noisy breathing, cough and febrile convulsions

I had taken my son to see Rebecca because he had always suffered from very noisy breathing (I can only describe it as a rattly sounding chest) and a wet cough. He also had very high temperatures when ever he was poorly which resulted on occasion in febrile convulsions as the temperature rose so quickly.

My son has been having treatments with Rebecca and this has completely changed his breathing and we rarely hear him cough. He hasn’t had temperatures when he has caught colds since we started treatment.  In addition my son has become more active and energetic and has a new found love for the outdoors and running around with his friends, which is lovely to see.

Rebecca has a wonderful way with the children and my son has really enjoyed the treatments and in fact he has looked forward to his appointments. In his words “she is lovely”. There has never been a mention of needles from anyone. I only wish we had found Rebecca earlier.