I can’t believe my child will tolerate having needles put in them at all. How will you deal with this?

Firstly, I use lots of non-invasive techniques when treating children (such as acupressure, tui na massage, Japanese techniques such as stroking and tapping on the surface of the body with small, metal instruments, moxibustion).  My experience is that the vast majority of children actually enjoy their treatment.

Secondly, if I feel your child would benefit most from needles, I use incredibly fine needles which are barely felt by the child at all.  I have treated lots of children who are initially incredibly wary of needles and frightened about what may happen in the treatment.  Once I feel I have gained their trust and that I have rapport with them,  I will ask them if they are happy to try one needle.  They are normally pleasantly surprised that it feels absolutely fine for them and they are then happy for me to use more needles.

It can be really counter-productive for a child to be worried and anxious about coming for treatment.  I therefore use a flexible approach that recognises the fact every child has different tolerance levels.  I don’t think I will be able to make a child well if they hate coming, so it’s a really high priority for me that your child feels positive the treatment.  I will do everything I can to make sure this is the case.

What is the youngest age of child that you treat?

I have treated pre-term babies soon after birth (although will rarely use needles on a baby until about 3 months onwards).  No baby is too young to benefit from treatment!

What will I do with my other children?  Can they come too?

Yes they can!  At the Panda Clinic, there is a waiting room with space to accomodate siblings and other family members.  Children can either crash out on a sofa after a long day at school, do some colouring or play with toys.

How often will my child need to come for treatment and how many sessions will she need?

This depends on many factors and there are very few general rules that apply.  At the first session, I will discuss with you how often I think I need to see your child and how many sessions I think it will take for them to feel better.  If at any point during the treatment my opinion on this changes, I will let you know.

Most children need a series of weekly appointments to begin with.  When their condition(s) shows obvious sign of improvement, then the appointments can begin to be less frequent.  From an acupuncture point of view, children are relatively ‘yang’ beings.  This means that, compared to adults, their qi (energy) is very responsive and dynamic.  Therefore, they generally respond quickly to treatment.