This page is FOR CHILDREN only
no PARENTS/adults allowed!

Hi kids!

I have written below some of the questions that kids ask me when they first come for acupuncture treatment. I hope you find the answers you are looking for. If not, with your parent’s permission, you can send me an email and I will get back to you.

Further down this page, there is also a short video of a child who came to the Panda Clinic having her treatment so you can get a sense of what it’s like.

Everyone who comes to the Panda Clinic can choose from a selection of awesome panda stickers before they go home!

What will happen when I come to see you?


First of all I’ll have a chat with you and your Mum or Dad asking a bit about why you’ve come for treatment. If you want to chat, then that’s great. If you’d prefer that Mum or Dad answer my questions, then that’s absolutely fine too. I know it can be a bit boring answering questions so I’ll keep that bit as brief as I can. But it’s important I find out about your health so I know how best to treat you to try and help you.


After the questions, then I feel your pulses. You may have had a doctor or a nurse do this to you before. I just gently place my fingers on your wrist and ‘listen in’ to what’s going on in your body. The next bit might sound a bit strange, but then I will ask to have a look at your tongue! So, you are allowed to stick your tongue out at me (warning: don’t try this at home – your parents may not like it!). These are the ways, in Chinese medicine, that we find out more about why you aren’t feeling as good as you should be. They are a bit like an old-fashioned way of taking an x-ray or having a blood test.

Step 3

After that, I will give you your treatment. There are lots of ways I can do this. Before I do anything, I will explain to you what I’d like to do and check that you are OK with it. I’ve got lots of different options so if you don’t like one thing, then we can always try another. I want you to feel relaxed and to enjoy your treatments so I’m not going to do anything that you feel uncomfortable with.

Here is a video of a child having her treatment. She has chosen to have needles, but you don’t have to!

Are acupuncture needles like the needles I’ve had before at the doctor’s?

No! The most likely reason you’ve had needles before is when you’ve had either vaccinations or blood tests. Acupuncture needles are much, much finer. The picture below shows you just how much finer they are than all other types of needles.

What do acupuncture needles feel like?

When they are inserted, you may feel a very mild, buzzy-type feeling. Many children say they don’t feel anything at all, or if they do that the feeling is ‘ok’ or even that they like the feeling. Some needles go in and straight out again. Others stay in for a few minutes, but when the needle is in you won’t even know it’s there.

Do I have to have needles?

No! Although most children find they are OK with the needles, you don’t need to have any at all. I can use gentle massage techniques or what I call my ‘beepy machine’ (pictured below) to give you your treatment. The ‘beepy machine’ (aka a low-level laser pen) is totally painless and gently rests on your skin.

Have you got any toys and books?

Yes, we’ve got lots of books and some toys for different ages so that everyone will find something that they like. There is also a table where you can do some colouring or drawing if you’d like to. Some of the toys and books at the clinic are pictured below.