Children and fright

I recently wrote a guest blog post for Sabine Wilms.  Sabine is an academic, translator, writer, publisher and educator extraordinaire.  She has translated several ancient Chinese texts, including Sun Simiao’s writings on paediatrics, from Chapter 5 of the Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang 備急千金要方 (Essential Formulas Worth a Thousand in Gold to Prepare for Emergencies).  It astounds me that, even though Sun’s work was written in 625AD, much of his wisdom is still relevant for today’s babies and children.  As a clinician, I feel that my work is more able to remain connected to the roots of the tradition, and is therefore hugely enhanced,  by being able to refer to these ancient texts.  I and others therefore owe a huge debt of gratitude to academics such as Sabine who devote their lives to the often painstaking work of translating these texts.

My blogpost includes some thoughts about one particular aspect of Sun’s work, a discussion of ‘fright’, and how I see this manifest in children in the clinic today.  For practitioners who are interested, I urge you to look at Sabine’s website ( and to read her translations, which are available to buy on her site.

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