The Panda Clinic is an acupuncture centre created by Rebecca Avern specifically for the treatment of children. Rebecca has extensive experience and
post-graduate training in paediatric acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an effective, gentle and safe treatment for babies and children of all ages. It can be used in cases of both acute and chronic illness.

There are many challenges involved in being a child.  While some children seem to sail through life, others need a little more help and support at certain times.  At the Panda
Clinic, every child is treated as an individual.  My approach is always
compassionate, empathetic and practical.

For parents of patients

History of Paediatric Acupuncture

The treatment of children has formed a specialised subject in Chinese medicine since the Song dynasty, which was over 1000 years ago. Chinese doctors recognised the differences between children and adults in diagnosis and treatment, and skillfully adapted their methods to the treatment of children.

Acupuncture for children today

Children  today have very different lifestyles to those of the Song dynasty. They have different stresses and strains on their systems and even many of the diseases they suffer from would not have been heard of 1000 years ago. So, even though paediatric acupuncture is rooted in this long tradition, it has been adapted to meet the needs of children in the 21st century.

Some people are surprised that acupuncture is an appropriate treatment for children.  To find out about what you and your child may expect during a typical treatment, please click here.

About Rebecca Avern

BA (Hons), Lic Ac, Dip Paed Ac, MBAcC

Acupuncture Training

Initial training

Licentiate in Acupuncture from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine: a three and half year course from which I graduated in 2001.

Further training

Four years studying with and working alongside the late Giovanni Maciocia (one of the most eminent doctors of Chinese medicine in the West): I assisted him in the writing of a major text book for acupuncture students – Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine.

Paediatric training

Diploma in Paediatric Acupuncture (2012): I am one of only a small number of acupuncturists in the UK who have done post-graduate training in paediatric acupuncture with Julian Scott, author of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children.  Julian is known worldwide as the leading expert in paediatric acupuncture, and I spent a year studying with him to Diploma level.

Training in paediatric tui na (2012): with Dr Hongchun Yin (specialist from the Shangdong University of TCM)

Training in Japanese paediatric acupuncture techniques (shonishin) (2013): with Stephen Birch (author of Shonishin: Japanese Paediatric Acupuncture).

Professional responsibilities

I am a long-standing, senior faculty member at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (  – the largest acupuncture college in Europe. My responsibilities there include:

  • Senior Lecturer: teaching undergraduate students various aspects of Chinese medicine on the acupuncture degree course
  • Director of teaching clinic: I am in charge of the clinical phase of the acupuncture degree course, where students treat in the college clinic under supervision.
  • Clinical supervisor: I supervise students in the clinical module of their degree course.  I am also a clinical supervisor at the college, which means I am responsible for supervising students during the clinical module of their course.
  • Paediatric diploma: I have put together a year-long paediatric acupuncture diploma, which I teach at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

Professional practice

I have run busy acupuncture practices since 2001.  Whilst I continue to treat some adults, my practice is now almost solely focussed on treating children.  I set up the Panda Clinic, an acupuncture clinic solely for the treatment of children, in Oxford in 2012.


I am the author of a major textbook on paediatric acupuncture Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers (Singing Dragon 2018), as well as several journal articles.  Please see Publications for further details.


I have two secondary-school age children (Alathea and Leyla) and this hugely informs how I approach the treatment of children.   I care deeply about children’s health.  I believe that imbalances in a child’s qi corrected early on in life can mean a person avoids a lifetime of ill-health.  A healthy child is usually a happy child, and is more able to enjoy life and achieve their potential.

As a parent, I also understand the strain it puts on the entire family when a child is not well. Helping a child back to health not only benefits them, but everybody around them too.